Competition Products

These are the official Field and Game Elements to be used at Aerial Drone Competitions. These products can also be used in your classroom, after school programs, clubs, summer camps and as practice fields.

To set up an official Aerial Drone Competition field, you will need the following items:

Field Element Kit – This kit includes 2 Arch Gates, 1 Blackout Screen, 2 Keyhole Gates, 2 Landing Pads, and 4 Cubes used on a competition field at Aerial Drone Competitions. This equipment is reused every season.

Game Element Kit – This kit includes the game elements for the 2023 – 2024 Season that will be used on the Aerial Drone Competition Fields. These game elements will change each competition season.

PVC Perimeter – Purchase this from your local hardware store to create a field perimeter

Please note: For the 2023 – 2024 Aerial Drone Competition Season, there will be two different field layouts for different missions of the competition. If you purchase the Field Element Kit and the Game Element Kit you will have everything you need to set up either field. If you are hosting a tournament, you will need at least 2 field Element kits and 1 Game Element Kit. Please check out our suggested list of equipment at

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